Garbolino Kits “Standard” – K2 – SKY – ELC

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Replacement kits for Garbolino match fishing poles. The Garbolino Standard Carp SKY - ELC - K2 Kits are a brand new generation of painted tip kits for match fishing poles. Available in the colour Cloud Grey, they allow you to imitate the sky and overcome even the most suspicious fish, especially when fishing on the surface, along the bank or in shallow areas. With a length of only 2.65 m and a weight of only 55 grams, these kits consist of 2 pieces of the same length. These combat kits are equipped with a 4 mm diameter PULLER SLOT, which is convenient and versatile as it allows the use of hollow or solid elastics of many diameters. The tip is pre-installed as standard with an internal PTFE bushing. They are also compatible with the Garbolino 900X series (SLIMAX-XSLIM-WORLD G-GMAX).

Kits consisting of 2 strands
2.65 m in 2 equal sections
Cloud grey colour to imitate the sky and fool the most experienced fish.
Kits drilled with 4 mm PULLET SLOT
PTFE internal bushing as standard
Compatible with 900X series



Imperial Metric
2.65 m
TipologiaElastic Max: Solid 2.1 mm /Hollow 3.2 mm
Peso46 gr
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2.65 m
TipologiaElastic Max: Solid & Hollow 3.2 mm
Peso55 gr
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2.65 mGOMRK8873-K2PCElastic Max: Solid 2.1 mm /Hollow 3.2 mm46 gr
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2.65 mGOMRK8873-K2EPElastic Max: Solid & Hollow 3.2 mm55 gr
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