Rainbow Kayaks KOI fishing

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Rainbow Kayaks KOI fishing

KOI Fishing according to all reviews and reviews is the top fishing kayak in the Rainbow Kayaks range... even at sea. At the same time, it combines simplicity of use, ease of customization of all accessories and great performance in the water. The Elite Fishing Seat can be adjusted in 3 positions: one for paddling, one for fishing comfortably in a seated position and one for fishing standing. Koi is the answer for all anglers looking for the perfect combination of speed and stability. In fact, Koi performs well in reaching fishing spots and at the same time is very stable when you reach your destination and start fishing. Designed for fishing in closed reservoirs, tidal areas and flat waters, Koi comes standard with a wide range of accessories that can satisfy both fly fishermen and traditional anglers. The high density rotational polyethylene guarantees the lightness of the product and sturdiness at the same time. Anatomical and ergonomic seat with 3 positions, integrated and removable backpack, 2 rails to customize your accessories, 3 rod holders, a large removable central locker, front and rear watertight locker which gives access to all the internal space of the kayak, large rear compartment for the load and elastic deck nets make KOI one of the best equipped fishing kayaks available on the market. The optional rudder is useful for better keeping direction especially in the case of long journeys. Also available is the exclusive Solar System with photovoltaic panels which, via a waterproof USB socket and a lithium ion battery, recharges all your favorite fishing devices such as telephone, tablet, camera, GoPro, depth sounder and much more...




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